Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of seed is in Grotrax™?
A: Not all grass seed is created equal, the quality of the actual seed is reflective in the quality of the grass to be grown; Grotrax™ only uses premium certified weed free Oregon seed.

Year Round Green – Shade & Sun Blend. Includes tall, fine and chewing fescue grasses, together with a unique combination of perennial rye and Kentucky blue. This combination ensures success in a wide variety of situations. Whether shaded or sunny, warm or cold, our high quality, concentrated year-round green mixture quickly germinates to create an attractive turf with excellent color, density and wear tolerance. It fights weed invasion and is disease resistant. It is an excellent all-round choice and includes immediate and slow release fertilizers!

Tall Fescue Has excellent wear characteristics due to its deep rooting, persistent nature. It tolerates moderate drought, is resistant to insect attack and disease and stays green year-round. It is a popular choice for ball fields, parks and residential lawns. Best suited for warm, transition zone climates.

Kentucky Blue & Perennial Rye Blend Dense, attractive, lower-growing turf that is a versatile, rugged performer.  With perennial rye in the mix, it produces immediate year-round results and stays green year-round. It offers an exceptional ability to recuperate and fill in after periods of stress and use.  Best suited for cold winter regions.

Bermuda & Rye Blend Thrives during the summer heat.  With annual rye in the mix, it produces year-round results.  Bermuda grasses go dormant in the winter, but Grotrax™ Bermuda offers excellent winter kill resistance, is drought tolerant, and produces exceptional spring "green-up" compared to other Bermuda grasses.  Best suited for lower and middle south regions.

Q: How do I know Grotrax™ will work in my climate?
A: Grotrax™ uses a propriety seed blends custom designed to grow in all climates. Our Grotrax™ Blue Rye is great for cold climates. The Grotrax™ Tall Fescue is good for "Cool/Moderate" climates. And, the Grotrax™ Bermuda is great for hot or extremely hot temperatures. 

Q: What size rolls does Grotrax™ come in?
A: There are three widths:
• 200 sq ft ‘Jumbo’ roll: (24” wide x 100' long) 9 lbs
• 12” wide ‘Quick Fix’ rolls are 50 ft long. (50 sq ft) 2.25 lbs
• 6” wide ‘Patch n Repair’ rolls are 40 ft long (20 sq ft) 0.9 lbs

Q: Does this really work?
A: YES! We have years of research and development into the technology behind Grotrax™. We've conducted thousands of tests in our labs and on our farms, installed entire golf courses, bunker complexes and sports fields, we are so confident that Grotrax™ will work for you, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee!

Q: Is Grotrax™ OK to use on slopes or hillsides.
A: Grotrax™ was initially invented for erosion control and strong growth on slopes and hillsides, the seed and fertilizer stays exactly in place and won’t get washed away, the Bio Paper holds onto water (6x) right next to the seed…normally growing seed on slopes doesn’t work because irrigation or rain wash the seed and fertilizer down the slope.

Q: Is Grotrax™ easy to install? 
A: Yes! Grotrax™ is much easier to install effectively than grass seed or sod. Check out our How-To video to learn more. 

Q: Do I need to peg or staple Grotrax™ to the ground?
A: Grotrax™ naturally ‘tacks’ to the ground after watering so typically doesn’t need pegs to hold it down, however if you live in a windy area make sure you water the prepared ground the night before installing Grotrax™ this will increase the ‘tacking’ properties, as a further precaution against windy days put a small amount of soil along the edge of Grotrax™ that faces the wind, this is to stop wind getting under the sheet.

Q: Is Grotrax™ affected by wind?
A: YES: Laying seed or Grotrax™ in windy conditions isn’t recommended, rather wait for a day when its calm, if you live in an area that’s prone to wind, give your prepared ground a good watering the night before you install Grotrax™ this will increase the ‘tacking’ properties, as a further precaution against windy days put a small amount of soil along the edge of Grotrax™ that faces the wind, this is to stop wind getting under the sheet, the new grass will grow up through this soil.

Q: Does Grotrax™ have an expiry date?
A: Each roll of Grotrax™ has a unique seed label adhered to the roll, this gives detail of the exact seed varietal and fertilizer, there is also an expiry date, this is a US agricultural requirement, in independent tests most seed is still viable two to three years after this ‘expiry date’, in addition Grotrax™ has more seed per foot than the industry prescribed seeding rate so even if some of the seeds failed to germinate there are many more than normally applied per sq ft.

Q: Do I need to add nutrients to the soil before planting Grotrax™?
A: Grotrax™ contains seed, fertilizer and mulch so extra nutrients aren’t necessary, do not lay Grotrax™ over any existing grass or vegetation, Grotrax™ must touch the soil it is to grow on, so clear all old grass vegetation, loosen the top 2 inches of soil with a rake and create a smooth surface free of any debris, if you want to add mulch or topsoil (not necessary) make sure you till into the existing soil, Grotrax™ works best when touching actual soil rather than mulch

Q: Where can I buy Grotrax™?
A: Currently, Grotrax™ is available at, True Value, Amazon, Lowes, Menards and lots of independent hardware stores. 

Q: How long will it take to arrive?
A: We normally ship your Grotrax™ order within 2 business days of when you place your order, and most orders arrive within 5 to 7 days from there.

Q: Where is Grotrax™ made?
A: Grotrax™ is "Made in the USA" using all American materials. Our bio-fabric comes from Georgia, our seeds come from Oregon, and it's all put together in our GTX Turf Farms facility in Santa Barbara, California!